A small representation of our wide range of products we exclusively represent, stock and supply.  You can find more in our dedicated websites Studio House and Soteriou Professional, just click links above.
Ariane, Artisan Coast Dinnerware


A small selection of our Dinnerware, Porcelain, Opal, Glass, ranging from high end vitrified porcelain to budget series, catering all needs.

Cube & Kaleido Espresso Cups


A small selection of our Drinkware, Porcelain, Glass, Temperred Glass, to cover all needs for warm and cold drinks.

Pizza Cutlery


A small selection of our Flatware, all in stainless steel, plain, or treated in any finish possible, customized with logos, from high end to budget lines.

Bistrot Jugs


A small selection of our Servingware, covering all serving needs for both the professional and home.

Bar Spoon Cocktail Stirrer


A small selection of our Barware accessories, catering all needs for the specialized cocktail maker or just a small bar.

Fido Glass Jars


A small selection of our kitchenware items, for specialized items for the professional to simple home use items, for food preparation, cooking, storings, decorating…

Hendi Stick Blender


A selection of electrical appliances, specially designed for the Professional in mind from well know suppliers in this field, with solid after sales service & support & worry-free use.

Ypsilon Bowls


A small selection of our decorative items. Candles, vases, flowers, frames, paintings…

Rayen Garden Furniture Cover

Accessories & Cleaning

A small selection of our accessories and cleaning items, trash bins, towels, curtains, covers, laundry accessories, etc…